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Welcome to my blog where together we can explore and journey through the many paths that independent literature can take you. We will visit book and literary festivals from around the world and local events as well. As with any journey we can expect to find old things and new, and also find the unexpected! Life is a journey, so you are invited to follow me with my own.

We Make a Difference

Our goal is to make a difference by sharing with you our own knowledge and experiences, whether it is by travelling or learning along the way. The more people who read this blog and share what they learn here will be partners in bringing the joy of reading and the opportunity to attend some literary events where they will connect with others. As one person said, life is lived by “small steps.” Every step a reader of this blog takes with them is a step in the direction of progress.

We Make a Difference
Save Your Time With Us

Save Your Time With Us

We hope you continue to return to read this blog because our first goal is to keep the blog entries short. You will not have to spend much of your time, which we appreciate is valuable to you, keeping up with the journey. A few minutes every day will be enough to hopefully learn at least one thing about books and literature that you can take away and apply to your own life. Remember, one small step continues your journey.

The Importance of Books and Education

Though books have taken on different forms because of advances in technology, they still perform the same function they did 1,000 years ago – they put ideas into words. Devoted readers know that some ideas that were new 500 years ago still are important today, which is just one of the many reasons we continue to read books.

The importance of books and education is often debated for the simplest of reasons: that doing has more value than sitting in a classroom listening to teachers share their knowledge and experience. But many teachers are authors themselves, putting their knowledge and experience into writing so you can avoid making mistakes and add your own knowledge and experience to what they have already learned.

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